About The RaceMaster

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About The RaceMaster

The Racemaster is a man who wishes to remain anonymous. We would like to keep the information about The Racemaster scarce and him as an unknown entity. He travels the country visiting stables and courses, constantly listening and watching for any snippet of information that can be used to an advantage. He reads up, adds up and subtracts the information he receives and along with the knowledge built up over 40 years, calculates the best horse racing tips.

His Racing Knowledge.

About the RaceMaster the Man in the Hat?

He spends a lot of time in Newmarket and is a regular on all the major gallops, especially Racecourse Side, The Limekilns and Ah Bahathri all weather, mainly on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. There is also a lot to be learned on Long Hill and Warren Hill, which is where a lot of trainers congregate each morning.



About His Experience.

Every selection is a calculated one. He comes from a bookmaking background; starting as a bookies runner for his Grandfather, progressing to Tic-Tac man, clerk and finally as a Bookmaker himself. He knows the signs and clues which are given away. He knows what to look for. With his contacts and knowledge – The Racemaster is the best bet.


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